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Tips & Best Practices: Add Curb Appeal to your Bowie, MD Rental Property

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Every homeowner knows the benefits curb appeal. But as a landlord, curb appeal is not just a method for evoking an emotional response in passersby; curb appeal is also a tool to be utilized to keep your Bowie, Maryland rental properties occupied. While image isn’t everything, it does make a big difference and could give you the competitive edge over the competition.
Landlord Tips: The Benefits of Curb Appeal

  • First Impressions: They say don’t judge a book by its cover. Well, guess what? People still make snap judgments based on their first impressions of everything from candy bars and books to cars and even rental properties. Sometimes, potential tenants will not even look in a rental unit if the outside is not aesthetically appealing.
  • Staying Power: Curb appeal can help reduce turnover. After all, if your tenants are proud and happy with their living situation, they will be less likely to leave. And as a landlord, your goal is to keep your rental properties filled, right?
  • Quickly Fill Vacancies: Even the best rental property is not filled all of the time. But exceptional curb appeal can help attract new tenants and ensure that your rental property is not vacant for long.
  • Save Money: By keeping up with regular maintenance requirements, you can slow wear and tear on your rental property and minimize expensive repairs.
  • And more!

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