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Basic Household Maintenance Tips: Preparing your Home for Fall

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Summer is quickly coming to an end, which means one thing; fall is right around the corner. But before the seasons change, there are a few preventative maintenance steps you, as a homeowner or landlord, should take to better prepare your property and make it as energy efficient as possible.
Fall Maintenance Tips
1) HVAC Maintenance: With temperatures dropping, your furnace is going to start getting a lot of use. Is it ready for the increased workload? The only way to really know for sure is you call your local HVAC contractor to come out and inspect your system. It is also a good idea to have them clean your ductwork while they are at your home.
There are a few simple tasks that you can take on to improve the efficiency of your HVAC system. For starters, change your air filters (this should be done every month). Secondly, make sure your home’s heating vents are clear and are not obstructed by furniture or carpeting. Finally, dust your vents to ensure they are free from dirt, debris, and whatever else has accumulated on them during the summer.
2) Clean the Gutters: Fall is the perfect time to clean those pesky gutters to prevent clogging. Otherwise, leaves, twigs, and other debris could cause water to accumulate. And if this water freezes during the winter months, it could back up into your roof and cause a lot of problems.
3) Chimney Inspections and Cleanings: Do you plan on using your fireplace at all with the weather cooling down? If so, a chimney inspection is a must. You never know what may have found its way into your chimney while it sat dormant. And, if need be, have your chimney professionally cleaned.
4) Test Smoke and CO Detectors: Test all of the smoke and carbon monoxide detectors in your home and replace batteries as needed.
5) Clean Dryer Vents: One of the leading causes of house fires each year is dryer fires. Because of this, it is important to clean your dryer vents annually. And fall seems as good a time as any.
6) Prepare your Water Heater: You can prepare your home for cooler weather by draining your water heater and clearing out any debris that has settled in the tank. This will help improve the efficiency of your water heater while also prolonging its useful life.
7) Check for Drafts: Your home’s energy efficiency is affected by several different factors, including what is known as your home’s envelope (the outer walls). By checking for and fixing any drafts, you can make your home much more energy efficient, saving yourself money every month on your heating bills.
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