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A Landover, Maryland Landlord’s Maintenance & Landscaping Responsibilities

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As a landlord, it is your responsibility to not only make repairs when requested (within 24 hours), but to also stay on top of regular maintenance and landscaping issues. Failing to keep your rental property in good shape can have several negative effects. These include:

1. Failing to repair problems in a timely manner can give your tenant the right to withhold rent, repair the problem his or herself and deduct the repair costs from their rent, sue if injuries occur as a result of a poorly maintained rental property, or your tenant can move out without giving notice.

2. You may have trouble filling an unkempt rental property once it becomes vacant.

3. By failing to repair a small problem or conduct preventative maintenance, you could (and probably will) end up spending more money on large repairs and renovations.

4. A poorly maintained rental property will hurt your reputation as a landlord. And in this business, reputation means everything!

To ensure repair requests don’t fall through the cracks and to ensure that you perform preventative maintenance annually, you need a system in place to handle these tasks. And hiring a qualified property management firm can be just the solution you are looking for to help keep your rental property in tip top shape!
Potomac Valley Management: A Landover, Maryland Property Management Firm
As part of Potomac Valley Management’s rental management services, we provide maintenance and landscaping services on an as needed basis for tenants. As a mid-size firm, PVMGT has a vast array of resources and service capabilities which are immeasurable, taking care of your needs from bookkeeping to tenant screening to landscaping contractor oversight.
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