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Basic Household Maintenance Tips: Preventing Thanksgiving Day House Fires

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Nearly 2,000 house fires occur on Thanksgiving Day, annually. These house fires, the majority of which are caused by cooking mishaps, result in 41 injuries, 15 fatalities, and nearly $21 million in property damage.
“The reality is the doorbell rings and your friends and relatives are at the door and you want to greet them and chat, and you just don’t think to go back to the kitchen,” said John Drengenberg, the consumer safety director for Underwriters Laboratories.
Thanksgiving Safety Tips to Prevent House Fires

1.     Never Leave Cooking Food Unattended: If something goes wrong when you are out of the room, things could escalate quickly.

2.     Keep a Fire Extinguisher Handy: It is important to have a fire extinguisher nearby to deal with any fires before they get out of hand.
3.     Check the Batteries in Smoke Detectors: Smoke detectors are no good if their batteries have died. When was the last time you checked yours?

4.     Know how to handle Grease Fires: Grease fires are different than regular fires and cannot be extinguished quite as easily. You will need to smother the flame.

5.     Avoid wearing Loose Clothing when Cooking: Loose clothing can easily get too close to a burner and catch fire.

6.     Avoid Decorating the Kitchen for Thanksgiving: Thanksgiving decorations, which are typically made of paper or cardboard, are extremely flammable and do not belong near the stove.

7.     Do not Overachieve: Do not try to cook more than you can handle. This is when things can easily go wrong.

8.     Avoid Frying a Turkey: Turkey fryers are a huge fire hazard.

9.     Be Safe!

Happy Thanksgiving from everyone here at Potomac Valley Management!
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