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Let’s face it: the real estate market right now is a buyer’s hot ticket item, not a seller’s. But if you’re looking to call a new property home and can’t obtain a fair return on your current house, renting your place may be the way to go. The problem is, though, many homeowners don’t exactly delight in the idea of becoming a landlord when they sign the deed to a new property. That’s why Potomac Valley Management offers rental management services to those looking to occupy their house with tenants.
At Potomac Valley Management, we’ll streamline the rental process for you, offering the following help as you seek a second property:

  • Screen and obtain qualified tenants for occupancy
  • Offer maintenance services when requested by tenants
  • Conduct credit and rental history checks for potential tenants
  • Advertise your property to occupy it efficiently
  • Provide comprehensive financial reports including balance sheets, income statements, general ledgers, accounts payable reports, check disbursement reports, and income and expense budget comparison
  • Bill renters and track accounts receivables
  • Should problems arise, file court and eviction notices to delinquent tenants and attend eviction court sessions

Potomac Valley Management will be on call for your renters at all times so that you don’t have to; enjoy the extra income of a rental property without having to partake in the hassle of maintaining one. We’ll make sure you see the fruits of your decision to lease your property – the rental payments – on time and without complications. Let us take the stress out of renting your home with our management services.
If you have any questions, please contact Potomac Valley Management by calling 1.877.390.4090 or visit PVMGT.com today!
Potomac Valley Management, LLC has been providing association management and maintenance services to the Washington-Baltimore area since 2004.
Potomac Valley Management (PVMGT) manages and maintains various condominium and homeowners associations as well as rental commercial properties throughout the region. As a mid-size firm, PVMGT has a vast array of resources and service capabilities which are immeasurable, taking care of your needs from bookkeeping to tenant screening to landscaping contractor oversight.
And we are here to serve you!
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